How To Almost Guarantee Getting Finance For Your Start-up Business

With troubled economic times, it’s a lot harder to fund businesses especially when you are just starting out. Almost always, every new business needs a lot of capital and if you don’t have that kind of money, getting a headstart on your company would seem difficult.

However, don’t lose hope because there are a lot of ways on how you can finance your business idea. But what makes the deal is not just finding the right investors or financial methods. It’s actually proving to them that your business is worth investing in. Here is how you can do exactly that.

Audit your finances.

The first step to guaranteeing finances for your start-up business is to take a look at your finances. If your business is an existing one, start tracking your expenses and keeping tabs on your assets. Know the cost of creating your product and everything in between. This will give you an idea on how much money you need and it will also shed light on the kind of financing method that will be helpful for your business.

Take care of your credit score.

As owners of businesses, it is very tempting to use your personal finances in order to fund your business. Although there is nothing wrong with that, make sure that you have money set aside to pay for all those debts.

A good credit score goes a long way. This is especially useful if you plan on getting a loan in the bank (which is often a financing method for start-ups). When you have a good credit score, creditors will be able to feel relatively more secure of you paying them back.

Look for the right financial assistance.

Again, there are many ways to finance a business. There are bank loans, factoring, credit cards, and even crowdfunding. These methods can help you get the money you need to start a business or even keep your business afloat in the meantime.

As you go through the different financing methods, be sure to know what your company needs and to compute how much it will cost you by being financed by someone else. There are cases when companies take loans in order to pay off their other loans. While some businesses do that, this is not the most sustainable way to go about it. Moreover, make sure that as you look for financing methods for your business, that you are also prepared to pay the price of still failing in spite of the help.

Consider crowdfunding.

If you do not have enough capital to fund your business idea, consider crowdfunding. Crowdfunding refers to platforms wherein business ideas are funded by different people. These funds are in the form of pledges where people pledge for your project in spite of not having anything in return. Though you can always offer something else in return, say a free product, or samples. You will be surprised as to how many people are willing to pledge for great ideas.

Prepare your pitch.

Whether you are pitching to investors or presenting your idea in a crowdfunding site, always be ready with a pitch. A pitch refers to a presentation where you share your business idea to other people in the hopes of convincing them to finance your business or partner with you.


Your pitch deck should reflect what is usually seen in a business plan – a description of the business, what it does, its operations, and its finances. If your business is just an idea, be prepared to show proof that your idea is feasible and successful in the long run because this is how to convince potential funders.

Have financial goals.

Having financial goals is always helpful in directing your company. This means that you should have an idea of how much money you need and where that money will go.

Financial goals should be realistic and flexible. When your company is in need of funds, it’s hard to have stagnant financial goals. Consider having more flexible goals so that your company can easily adjust to economic changes.

Yes, assuring finances for your business seems daunting. But this is not impossible. With the right documents and the right sources, you will be able to keep your business going.